We supply and install a range of Split System brands suiting any budget or application from small to large capacity.


Individual Rooms

Ideal for individual rooms
around the home or office

Climate Control

Individual climate control
over each room

No Ducting

Minimal construction alteration
as no duct work required

Air Conditioning Systems

Single Split System

Single Split System

Single Split Systems are a great solution to suit any small space such as a bedroom, living room or office.

The most modern designs of indoor units are ever growing with emphasis being put towards style and elegance.

Latest technology ensures that they are whisper quiet, reliable and energy friendly.

Multi Split system

Multi Split system

Multi Split Systems are a great solution when a ducted system cannot be installed. Again not every home or office is built the same, sometimes duct work is unable to reach every room or space desired. Depending on the brand up to five indoor units can be installed to one single condensing unit. This eliminates having multiple condensing units resulting in a clean installation.

Multi Split Systems allow you to independently switch each zone on or off and control the temperature as the user wishes. Latest inverter technology will use as much capacity as required if for example only one or two indoor units are used, in turn saving money on your electricity bill.

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